Find Your Career

At Contract Therapy Services, we are always looking to hire skilled, certified health care professionals who are looking to work for a company that truly cares. We want you to be happy because it will make you successful. So, our support team will be available for you everyday, and we will help you create the schedule that benefits you most, whether you want PRN work or a big paycheck.

Become apart of the CTS team of high quality on-call therapists and other healthcare experts to experience the most beneificial working environment. Be your own boss, create your dream schedule, and get paid twice a month! Also if we hire someone you had referred and you are contracted with us, you will collect a referral bonus. Below are all the health care professions we are hiring. However, we specialize in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, as well as Registered Dieticians.

As a Speech Therapist, you will:
  • Administer and interpret diagnostic tests and applications of therapeutic treatments and speech-language pathology services to patients in their home
  • Participate in the development and review of treatment and care plans
  • Assess and treat a variety of disorders of speech, voice, language, hearing, and swallowing in order to minimize their effects
  • You must meet the education and experience requirements for a Certification of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology granted by ASHA
Your purpose as an Occupational Therapist is to facilitate the development and rehabilitation of patients with mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. Your job duties will include:
  • Determining occupational therapy treatment plans by consulting with physicians or by prescription
  • Promote your patients’ maximum independence and help them adjust to their disabilities
  • Meeting the patients’ goals and providing them with quality care
  • Prepare patient to return to employment, if possible, and more.
As a Physical Therapist, you want to restore your patient’s function, alleviate pain, and prevent further disabilities by planning and administering medically prescribed physical therapy. Your duties will include:
  • Administering physical therapy treatments and evaluating their effects, recommending modifications and adjustments as necessary
  • Meeting your patients’ needs and providing them with quality care
  • Helping your patients accomplish their treatment plan, and more.]
Qualified candidates must be a Registered Dietitian (RD) with working experience in a healthcare setting. Experience in a Nursing Home setting is preferred. Strong experience with computers is required due to the use of an Electronic Medical Records system.
We are looking for dedicated professional RNs with at least one year of experience in the home healthcare industry. Strong experience with computers is required due to the use of an Electronic Medical Records system.
  • Administer medications, and render treatment as needed.
  • Collaborate with physicians to create a plan of care for each patient.
  • Consider the age of the patient and his or her emotional stability when determining appropriate treatment.
  • Create and contribute to patients’ medical records as needed.
  • Respond to inquiries, concerns, and complaints from patients or their guardians.
  • Counsel patients and family members before, during and after treatment.
Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA’s) are an important part of our team. CTS is commited to providing professional care that priortizes the patient’s safety, dignity, and personal needs.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Baths, shampoos, etc.
  • Back rubs
  • Oral hygiene
  • Changing bed linen
  • Assisting patients with dressing and undressing
  • Skin care to prevent breakdown
  • Assisting the patient with toileting activities
  • Keeping patient’s living area clean and orderly, as appropriate
  • Planning and preparing nutritious meals
  • Assisting in feeding the patient, if necessary
  • Taking and recording oral, rectal and axillary temperatures, pulse, respiration and blood pressure when ordered (with appropriate completed/demonstrated skills competency)
  • Assisting in ambulation and exercise according to the plan of care
  •  Performing range of motion and other simple procedures as an extensional therapy service as ordered (with appropriate completed/demonstrated skills competency)
  • Assisting patient in the self-administration of medication
  • Doing patient’s laundry, as appropriate
  • Meeting safety needs of patients and using equipment safely and properly (foot stools, side rails, etc.)
  • Reporting on patient’s condition and significant changes to the assigned nurse
  • Adhering to the Organization’s documentation and care procedures and standards of personal and professional conduct
As CTS continues to grow, our schedulers play an important role in our success. We are looking for a highly organized individual with experience managing multiple calendar. Experience in the medical industry is a plus.
The Intake Coordinator interacts with patients, medical offices, and/or health plans to provide and obtain information in response to inquiries regarding approval of requests.

Responsibilities include:

  • Verifies member information and accurately documents in the members’ file by actively updating and maintaining current member information (e.g. phone number or address).
  • Provides effective customer service to our clients by appropriately responding to emails, phone calls and/or any communication regarding requested information.
  • Performs clerical duties such as creating and generating reports via company system, as needed.
  • Assists staff in completing daily tasks by participating in meetings and closely working with management.
  • Maintains consistent attendance in order to meet daily performance goals.
  • Acts with honor and integrity, serving as a role model for the company.
  • Respects and maintains HIPAA and PHI confidentiality guidelines.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.